Alt.Nix - Migration

Migrating to ALternaive Technology

Migration to Free and Open source Tools and contents (Software for learning, Software for delivery and alternative software for O/S and Desktop Software) As a policy CampusOne Education Solutions Pvt. Ltd promotes use of open and free software in education, we dont charge any fee for the open source software migration, However our managed service like Hosting, Communication to stake holders using SMS, Push, Updating the web content, Managing security and uptime, content creation and management is charged as per the clients requirement.

Tools for Campus Administration

We have identified / created and tested many open source software for Campus management. Be it Fees collection or Result Preparation, entire Campus administration can be managed by Free and open source tools and software.
Sr.No Product Name Desc Image
1 Open SIS Schools can use this software to maintain transcripts, health records, attendance, demographic information, scheduling, gradebooks, and custom reports.
2 TS School TS School Standard Edition is our free school administration software application for anyone wishing to use a basic school administration software application free of charge. This, too, is highly customizable and therefore suites all types of educational institutions. TS School Standard Edition is and will always be free!
3 Fedena Fedena is an open-source school administration software that largely focuses on handling records.